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The terms of participation in Work and Travel USA 2023

Условия участия в Work and Travel USA 2020 | STA Baltic

The program participant must be:

  • A full-time student of a higher educational institution
  • Age 18-28y
  • English language skills should be  at a conversational level. (not lower than Intermediate)
  • Ability to work in the service industry
  • Experience is not required but preferred
The most popular jobs
Seles person
  • SALARY12$/hour+%
  • SC, North Myrtle Beach
  • SALARYfrom 10$/hour
  • SC, Myrtle beach
Ocean lifeguard
  • SALARYfrom 700$/per week
  • SC, Surfside beach
types of job

Thanks for the amazing experience, warm ocean and meeting new friends.

Гриша Самарин

This year I was lucky to visit USA through the Work and Travel program from the STA Baltic agency.
This summer was unforgettable, a lot of emotions, a lot of friends and wonderful memories. I think I will definitely will try again this year 😇

Влада Ломова

My name is Vlada and I came to Myrtle Beach as part of the Work and Travel 2018 program. It was a perfect summer that I will keep in my memories for a long time. I met a lot of new people, mostly I was spending time with Americans. I advise everyone dont miss the opportunity to learn about another country and feel the life of another culture.

Анастасия Малай

Summer 2010 I spent in USA by participating in the Work and Travel program from STA Baltic. I worked as a waitress in IHOP and traveled to Miami, the Bahamas, Dallas, Charleston, Chicago and New York. I will be happy to return to America again and again 😋

Егор Громов

Summer 2018 I took part in the Work and Travel program. I enjoyed it, if the goal is to earn a lot of money you have to get a second job, if it’s just for pleasure and relax it’s better just to be a lifeguard)

Анна Нечаева

Summer 2019 my dream came true – living in America and feel the thrill of relaxing at the ocean! All this would not have happened if I had not found out information about STA Baltic who organized this trip! I am extremely grateful for the help and supporting from paperwork and obtaining a visa, as well as traveling to an amazing country! I recommend STA Baltic to everyone!