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About STA Baltic

Our story

We started our activity with the Work and Travel program in 2004 in Estonia and Latvia. In 2006 STA Baltic opened an office in Russia. For 18 years of work, we have become true professionals in the field of tourism “Work & Travel”.

“STA Baltic” presents a range of programs related to study, summer and year-round work, travel and internships abroad for young people and students.

Our mission

STA Baltic offers international cultural exchange programs to young people. We provide the opportunity to live and work abroad, which contributes to the development of student’s personalities and their relationships at the international level.

STA Baltic helps young people find official work, arrange travel on preferential terms to many countries of the world in order to get new practices and adventures.

4 reasons to choose our company
STA Baltic - this is the largest choice of jobs for participants of Work and Travel program
receive a USA visa
recoup the cost of the trip during the trip itself
8 out of 10
people have two jobs
9 out of 10
re-enroll in the program if the course allows

Thanks for the amazing experience, warm ocean and meeting new friends.

Гриша Самарин

This year I was lucky to visit USA through the Work and Travel program from the STA Baltic agency.
This summer was unforgettable, a lot of emotions, a lot of friends and wonderful memories. I think I will definitely will try again this year 😇

Влада Ломова

My name is Vlada and I came to Myrtle Beach as part of the Work and Travel 2018 program. It was a perfect summer that I will keep in my memories for a long time. I met a lot of new people, mostly I was spending time with Americans. I advise everyone dont miss the opportunity to learn about another country and feel the life of another culture.

Анастасия Малай

Summer 2010 I spent in USA by participating in the Work and Travel program from STA Baltic. I worked as a waitress in IHOP and traveled to Miami, the Bahamas, Dallas, Charleston, Chicago and New York. I will be happy to return to America again and again 😋

Егор Громов

Summer 2018 I took part in the Work and Travel program. I enjoyed it, if the goal is to earn a lot of money you have to get a second job, if it’s just for pleasure and relax it’s better just to be a lifeguard)

Анна Нечаева

Summer 2019 my dream came true – living in America and feel the thrill of relaxing at the ocean! All this would not have happened if I had not found out information about STA Baltic who organized this trip! I am extremely grateful for the help and supporting from paperwork and obtaining a visa, as well as traveling to an amazing country! I recommend STA Baltic to everyone!