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Work and Travel USA 2023

is the most popular international student exchange program
Would like to participate in program

Work and Travel USA 2023

is the most popular international student exchange program
Would like to participate in program

Work and Travel USA 2023

is the most popular international student exchange program
Would like to participate in program

Work and Travel USA 2023

is the most popular international student exchange program
Would like to participate in program

Work and Travel USA 2023

is the most popular international student exchange program
Would like to participate in program
Work and Travel - this is
Possibility of independent living in America up to 5 months
Improved English language skills
Fascinating trip to 50 states of America
Meet new friends from all over the world
Work and Travel is the most popular international student exchange program. The Work and Travel program provides students with the unique opportunity to gain work experience in the United States, to practice English and to travel. STA Baltic has been sending students abroad from Russia for over 18 years. More than 30,000 students have already visited USA through our agency, many of whom have traveled several times.
The terms of participation
What do You need to participate?
Be a full-time student
Program duration
2,5-5 months
Who can participate?
Youngs from 18 to 25 years old
English language skills
intermediate – advanced
4 reasons to choose our company
STA Baltic - this is the largest choice of jobs for participants of Work and Travel program
receive a USA visa
recoup the cost of the trip during the trip itself
8 out of 10
people have two jobs
9 out of 10
re-enroll in the program if the course allows
The most popular jobs
Seles person
  • SALARY12$/hour+%
  • SC, North Myrtle Beach
  • SALARYfrom 10$/hour
  • SC, Myrtle beach
Ocean lifeguard
  • SALARYfrom 700$/per week
  • SC, Surfside beach
types of job

How to participate in the Work and Travel 2023 program?

Students who wish to participate in the Work and Travel 2023 program should contact a STA Baltic representative or leave an application and we will contact you to advise on all participation issues. General information for potential participants: 1.You must study full-time at a higher education institution in Estonia. 2. The level of English should allow you to speak and understand questions in English (Intermediate - Fluent).

Is it difficult to pass an English proficiency interview?

An English proficiency interview is a simple dialogue on general topics. The level of English should allow You to speak and understand questions in English (Intermediate - Fluent). To pass an interview for knowledge of the English language, you need to contact us and we will make an appointment or conduct it remotely.

How to pay for the program?

After the interview and checking the level of English, a registration fee of $ 275 is paid. The majority of cost is $1400, which might be split into several payments. SEVIS Fee - $35 should be paid along with the main part of the program.

First Steps for Work and Travel in the USA students

Upon arrival in the US, you should not forget about the role of the sponsor in this program. 1. Upon arrival in the US, you must make an Arrival Check-in within 72 hours. Pay attention to your Sponsor’s Time - limit in order to avoid further problems! Also, do not forget about Monthly - Check - In. Enter only correct information! Check your email constantly! 2.Make a Social Security Card - this is a social security number on which taxes are calculated (you need a DS and a passport to get it). The Social Security Card is issued within 7-14 days. After the card will be delivered by mail to the address you specified when filling out the questionnaire. 3.To get a bank card for storing funds. The bank You choose yourself. 4. Purchase a SIM-Card.

When and where will the interview at the US Embassy take place?

After receiving the necessary package of documents from us, the students themselves will choose the date and country where the interview will take place. This is usually the end of March - the beginning of June.

How to get a visa?

At the interview, when answering questions, you must show that you are not a potential migrant. Be calm and answer questions confidently. Closer to the date of the interview, we will have a meeting of all program participants, where we will prepare students and tell them in detail about this stage of participation: we will consider questions and answers to them, we will also talk about the main mistakes.

What are the reasons for the refusal of a J-1 visa?

The US Embassy or Consular Section has the right to grant or refuse a visa for any reason and without explanation. As a rule, those who are potential migrants are denied.

When do you need to buy tickets?

After obtaining a J-1 visa, you can safely buy a ticket. The cost of tickets is approximately the same ($300 one way, $500-600 both), regardless of whether you buy 2 months or a week before departure. It is up to the student to buy a one-way or both-way ticket. In both directions, the cost of tickets will be lower, but You do not know where You will go to travel and where You will end up at the time of departure =)

How to return taxes?

In November, we contact all participants of the program and send a tax refund form from our partner, a company specializing in tax refunds from different countries, to fill out. After completing the questionnaire, You send W-2 and within 4-8 months You receive a check. Please keep all receipts showing the number of hours worked and the amount of taxes paid that You will receive from the employer during the summer, in case, for some reason, you do not receive the W-2 tax form from the employer. W-2s are usually sent out in January of each year. Remember that taxes can be returned within 3 consecutive years after you have worked in the US.

Mobile phone service in the US?

Obviously, there are different providors in the US, but the most profitable is Simple Mobile. 2022 prices - $50 per month unlimited LTE and calls.

Transport in the USA

As for transport to work, the students buy bicycles upon arrival. All housing is located within walking distance, so the choice is Yours how to get to work. There is also public transport that can take You to different parts of the city.

What does the insurance cover?

Each student participating in the Work and Travel USA program has medical insurance with a coverage of $ 150,000. Usually when visiting a doctor, You must pay a deductible of $ 25 and the rest is covered by the insurance company (in case of visiting the Emergency room, the deductible is 250 $).

What is the benefit of the program?

Students participating in the program can travel to the US for the summer holidays, where they will have the opportunity to learn about the life and culture of another country, gain work experience in an American company, travel, meet new friends and communicate in English without limit.

Do you provide support in the US?

Yes, we provide additional support. We are located in the USA, but the main support is given by sponsor INTRAX.

Thanks for the amazing experience, warm ocean and meeting new friends.

Гриша Самарин

This year I was lucky to visit USA through the Work and Travel program from the STA Baltic agency.
This summer was unforgettable, a lot of emotions, a lot of friends and wonderful memories. I think I will definitely will try again this year 😇

Влада Ломова

My name is Vlada and I came to Myrtle Beach as part of the Work and Travel 2018 program. It was a perfect summer that I will keep in my memories for a long time. I met a lot of new people, mostly I was spending time with Americans. I advise everyone dont miss the opportunity to learn about another country and feel the life of another culture.

Анастасия Малай

Summer 2010 I spent in USA by participating in the Work and Travel program from STA Baltic. I worked as a waitress in IHOP and traveled to Miami, the Bahamas, Dallas, Charleston, Chicago and New York. I will be happy to return to America again and again 😋

Егор Громов

Summer 2018 I took part in the Work and Travel program. I enjoyed it, if the goal is to earn a lot of money you have to get a second job, if it’s just for pleasure and relax it’s better just to be a lifeguard)

Анна Нечаева

Summer 2019 my dream came true – living in America and feel the thrill of relaxing at the ocean! All this would not have happened if I had not found out information about STA Baltic who organized this trip! I am extremely grateful for the help and supporting from paperwork and obtaining a visa, as well as traveling to an amazing country! I recommend STA Baltic to everyone!

How much does the program cost?
Work and Travel USA
Employment from the sponsor base
Employment from the sponsor base
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